BHC Press Acquires Firebird Fairytales Series by Fantasy Author Amy Kuivalainen

Here’s the big news that I’ve been sitting on since October!! Make sure you duck over to my Instagram and watch the video 🙂

Joni Firestone at BHC Press has acquired world rights to the Firebird Fairytales series by fantasy author Amy Kuivalainen. Titles include Cry of the Firebird, Ashes of the Firebird, Rise of the Firebird, The Exorcist and the Demon Hunter, and Of Starlight and Midnight.

Also included in the deal is The Blood Lake Chronicles spinoff featuring character Eldon Blaise. Titles include Wylt, Blaise, Kingdom, and Once.

“The idea for the series came to me while on a flight,” says author Kuivalainen. I’d just finished reading a short story by Neil Gaiman where a woman is given a firebird egg for her mantlepiece. I wondered if a firebird egg hatched, would people go on quests looking for it?”

Amy_photo twoDrawing upon her love of Russian and Finnish fairytales, Kuivalainen based much of her inspiration on Russian myths about Baba Yaga and Yvan…

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