Series in Order

I’m lucky enough to write in many different worlds, so I have created this series page to help guide new readers and to give them a feel for what they are in for. Please note, this page starts with the series that are still ‘open’ that I’m currently writing and releasing in, and goes down to the series and stand alones that are complete.

The Tarot Kings

The Tarot Kings is romance series, based in Venice in a fantasy future. It features shifters and sorcerers of all different kinds, having adventures and finding their happily ever afters. This is a romance, so there is spice at a higher heat level than some of my other books. This series is currently open, with ‘King of Cups’ due for release by the end of 2023.

The stories are written as interconnected stand alones so you can enjoy them in any order.

Book 1. King of Swords

Book 2. King of Wands

Book 3. King of Cups (Coming in 2023)

Book 4. King of Coins (Coming in 2024)

Check it out here (It is also free in Kindle Unlimited)

The Firebird Faerie Tales

This is an urban fantasy series filled with magic, adventure, and mythology pulled deep from Russian and Finish folklore. It is is a darker fantasy that dives deep into the world of magic, pitting those who would abuse it against those sworn to protect it.

This is a traditional series that needs to be read in order.

This series also has an upcoming spin-off series called ‘The Blood Lake Chronicles.’ Some of you might see my older indie versions on pages like Good Reads, but it is currently being re-released through BHC Press.

Book 1: The Cry of the Firebird (Anya)

Book 2: Ashes of the Firebird (Anya)

Book 3: Rise of the Firebird (Anya – Her adventures end in this book.)

Spin Offs featuring characters from the above core trilogy.

Book 4: The Exorcist and the Demon Hunter (Mychal)

Book 5: Of Starlight and Midnight (Aramis and Søren) (Coming in 2024)

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The Blood Lake Chronicles

Book 1: Wylt (Merlin’s Family) (2024)

Book 2: Blaise (Merlin) (2025)

Book 3: Kingdom (Merlin) (2025)

Magicians of Venice

Murder, magic, the legends of Atlantis, this series has been described as The Da Vinci Code meets A Discovery of Witches. It is a contemporary fantasy series that has loads of found family, romance, magical libraries, artefacts and packed full of ancient history. It is a complete and finished trilogy.

This is a traditional series that needs to be read in order.

Book 1: The Immortal City

Book 2: Sea of the Dead

Book 3: The King’s Seal

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Wolf of the Sands

This story is an Epic Romance Fantasy based in a world inspired by Norse, Egyptian and Mesopotamian myth. It contains plenty of action and has a higher spice level because it’s romance.

Check it out here (It’s also free in Kindle Unlimited)

Sorcerer’s and Saints

This is a sweeter romance story based in my home city of Melbourne. It features a cursed saint, a surly sorcerer and a sassy talking cat as well as a large collection of ghosts and magical creatures.

Check it out here (It’s also free in Kindle Unlimited)