Part 2 of ‘The Sea of the Dead’ is probably my fave in whole book. I loved the idea of a child raised by immortal Magicians, and what that person would be like as an adult. Elazar is one of my fave characters in the whole series, and I can’t for you to see what mischief he gets into in ‘The Kings Seal’….only 14 days to go!


Continuing on my journey through ‘The Magicians of Venice’ and we are onto book 2!

I have a weird relationship with middle books in series’, and ‘Sea of the Dead’ is no different. It was important for me to show Penelope settling into her new life in Venice but I wanted her to have consequences for that choice. How her choices effected not only her own nature with her newly inherited magic, but how she would deal with her old life clashing with her new. I loved studying The Dead Sea Scrolls at uni so it was such a blast being able to use everything I had learned in this fun, magical world

Speaking of middle books, I’ve just finished a final proof read of the newly rewritten ‘Ashes of the Firebird’ before it heads off to my editor. It’s never not going to be a weird experience to revisit and renew a series that’s a decade old, but I still have so much fun with these characters that it makes a tough job a fun and rewarding one!

We are back in lockdown here in Melbourne which is depressing as hell, so I’ve been keeping busy working and playing too much Assassins Creed Valhalla. My demented Viking heart loves it so much!

Where ever you are in the world I hope your staying safe and sane,

Ames x

Canticle of Hearts

Part 3 used to be a hell of a lot different. In the original version I had a chapter of what the other Magicians got up to when they went to protect the other MOSE gates. It was cut in the final version but I always loved it. Aela in particular got her murder on!

In other news, I’m eyeballs deep in Ashes of the Firebird rewrites. I’m finding the process a lot kinder than doing the first book but I’m also not in lockdown like last year so I think that helps. There is of lot of AC Valhalla soundtracks and Heilung blaring in my office but that’s pretty standard when I write in this world!

Wish me luck on hitting my deadline!

Ames x

Twilight of the Immortals

I love part 2, of ‘The Immoral City.’ It was my fave bit to write in the book because Penelope finally gets the answers she’s been seeking, and of course, we step fully into the Magicians world.

The magical door of 39 Calle Dei Cerchieri came to me out of my deep love of hidden gateways, doorways, magical wardrobes and ward stones. If you’ve read my books you’ll know it’s one of my weaknesses that I can’t help revisiting.

I loved the idea of a palazzo that has had so much magic imbued into its structure that it’s become sentient. The doorway is guarded by the house itself, and it won’t appear unless it likes you or if it’s bombarded with some heavy duty magic.

When Penelope finds her way back to where the doorway opens to the world, I really wanted her to have to fight her own disbelief before the palazzo let’s her in. After that it’s definitely her ally, and who wouldn’t want to be friends with a magical house!

Ames x

A journey through ‘Magicians of Venice’

We have about seven weeks to go before ‘The King’s Seal’ is out in the world, so I thought I would do a series over view using the quotes for each of the sections of the books, and sharing some facts and inspirations for each one.

I originally thought of having this series up on Instagram, but I thought they would be fun to share on the blog too for those who avoid social media.

First ‘Immortal City’ fun fact: the kernel idea for this book started out as dream. It’s really bullshit when writers say this, but in my case it’s true. I had a dream about Alexis walking through the streets of Venice before going back to a magnificent library. I asked him where he came from and he said ‘Atlantis.’ I woke up, wrote the idea down because I’ve always wanted to write an Atlantis story. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and the idea spiraled out of control. I kept writing down notes until I was finally at a point that I had to start writing or go crazy!

Writing this series has been such an incredible journey, and I’m going to be grateful to Alexis forever for turning up in my head!

Ames x

May Update

Firstly, I want to say a super big thank you to everyone who has reading and reviewing ‘King of Swords’ and ‘The Lion and the Star’! This series really is a passion project in every meaning of the word, and I’m so grateful to all of you who are giving it a shot!

Having three book releases in the year is turning out to be really busy, but I’m loving that pace, and making sure you’re not waiting too long to your next read!

Up next is of course, ‘The King’s Seal,’ and I’m literally busting out of my skin to have this one out in the world. I love all of the series so much, but this one is special. I’ve put together some graphics that I’ll start sharing at the beginning of next month, that is going to give you sneak peeks too.

In writing news, I’ve started my rewrites of ‘Ashes of the Firebird’ and making it the best book I can. I really love this world, and I want to make sure that I’m getting the best possible story out. As with my ‘Cry of the Firebird’ rewrite, I want to assure long time readers that I’m not changing the core story lines in any way. I’m just executing it better. All your fave characters will be there, don’t worry.

I’m also starting to feel like I’m getting to the end of my researching process for ‘King of Wands,’ book 2 of The Tarot Kings, so I’ve been starting to really nail down the characters, and finalizing the plot. I love Zahir, so you know I’m going to make his book as wild and fun as he is.

Here in Australia, the Covid vaccine is rolling out at a snails pace but I’m still hoping to get a shot by the end of the year (sob) and hopefully get my butt over to Greece for a holiday and research. I really wanted to be over there for the release of ‘The King’s Seal’ but I’ve had to let that dream go for the time being.

I hope you are all well and safe wherever you are in the world!


Surprise Releases!


‘The Lion and the Star’ and ‘The King of Swords’ are now live on Amazon!

As you guys may remember this is the first book I wrote as a full time author, and it was in month 6 of lockdown, so I was in the mood to write something fun and full of adventure, magic and romance. Writing it literally kept me sane, so it means so much to me that I can finally share it with you all!

Link is here, so go and check them out if you need some spicy paranormal romance in your life!

April Ebook Sale!

Spread the word, ‘The Immortal City’ is going on a $2.99 sale across all ebook retailers! If have haven’t tried it yet, or you have been harassing your friends to give it a short, now is the time to get it cheap! It very rarely goes on sale so take advantage while you can.

Ritualistic murders in Venice lead an archaeologist to the last survivors of Atlantis…

Penelope Bryne is ridiculed by the academic community for her quest to find the ruins of Atlantis, but when an ancient and mysterious script is found at a murder site, she flies to Venice determined to help the police before the killer strikes again.

Penelope has spent her entire life trying to ignore the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis, but when she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, everything she believes will be challenged…

‘The Immortal City’ is a fantasy full of magic, mystery and romance…perfect fans of ‘A Discovery of Witches’!

King of Swords Cover Reveal!

Ohhh isn’t it just the prettiest!

As promised, here is a description to get you excited:

And here’s a description as promised!

In the year 2210, magic has replaced technology and Venice is once again the center of a powerful empire, but everything is not as serene in the new republic as it seems. People are going missing and anyone who tries to investigate it, ends up meeting the same fate.

Stella is an unregistered magic-user, and a creator of tarot decks, two things that are illegal when they go together. She’ll do anything to protect her secret, even ignore the attentions of Dom Aladoro.

Dom knows power and what people will do to get it. As the heir of the most prominent shifter family in Venice, and a member of the Council of Ten, his life is one of wealth, privilege, and any woman he wants…except for one that he met by chance at Carnevale and who has spent the last eight months ghosting him.

When Dom stumbles across a fight in the dark streets of San Marco, he has no idea he is about to come face to face with his mystery woman. He has a duty to arrest her for her magic, but when Stella tells him of her plan to find the missing people, Dom will risk his position and reputation to help her find them.
They are going to have to work together, and ignore their growing feelings for each other, if they going to find out who is behind the abductions. Three things easier said than done.

From glittering palazzos to dockside brothels, their search will take them into the dark heart of Venice, where money and power has always made the rules, and the price of life comes cheap to those who are only interested in profit.

‘King of Swords’ continues Dom and Stella’s story that began with the short story ‘The Lion and the Star.’ Please note, this an adult fantasy romance book, so it contains sex scenes, violence and swearing.