July Update

I have found a quick block of time to write an actual newsletter this month…so how are you? Here in Melbourne, we are back in COVID lockdown and I have to admit, I’m getting over it. I’ve been locked down since March and even as an introvert, it’s starting to have it effect on me. One of the bonus’s is I have been reading a lot, and I have put some recommendations at the bottom of this of COVID reads that have been getting me through it.

In writing news, The Immortal City is getting an audio book which I am so excited about that I can’t even. I know I’m either going to be totally freaked out listening to it, or want to climb under the nearest table but I am still really excited about it.

I am gearing up to start a draft of the first Tarot Kings novel in August. For those who are on my Instagram where I spend most of my social media time lurking, you would have seen me talking about Tarot Kings.

For those that haven’t…Tarot Kings is going to be based in a future Venice, where magic has returned and the New Serene Republic is being ruled once again by a Council of Ten, with representatives from the four major magical houses based around (you guessed it) the Houses of The Tarot. It’s going to have a bit of a fun modern medieval vibe where magic and tech interact with each other.

Lots of magical creatures and fun. I currently have four books in this world that are kicking around my head and will be standalones, with characters crossing paths here and there. I’ve never written a series of standalones so I’m looking forward to the challenge. It might end up awesome or a total mess but I’m keen to jump back in and use up some of the research I did for Magicians and never got to use.

Okay onto my COVID Reads!

You all know, I have a girl crush on Jennifer Armentrout, but boy, did I love ‘From Blood and Ash’. It’s her first jaunt into epic fantasy and it was so good. It’s an epic fantasy world, with vampires. There’s nothing about that I don’t love. The next installment is out in September (praise rapid release) and I’m absolutely hanging for it. I love Poppy and Hawke is like next level fictional crush material. If you want something to really distract you from the current hellscape that is 2020, here it is.

With the current craziness of working from home and trying to figure out how to live in the world of COVID, I haven’t had a great attention span and I have found solace in novellas, specifically paranormal joy that is 1001 Dark Night offerings. I’ve always loved their stuff and my big find has recently been this Rebecca Zanetti bundle of Dark Protectors. Not only did it get me out of my reading funk but also made me do a big old binge on the rest of the full length Dark Protectors books.If you want a quick romance read with very cool world building look no further.

My current binge obsession is with Ilona Andrews and their ‘Hidden Legacy.’ I have had a bestie of mine trying to get me into Ilona for the past 5000 years but it never hit right when I tried to get into them. Then came Connor and Alessandro from Hidden Legacy for me to fall madly in love with. This series came at the exact time I needed it, and I binged the shit out of it.

I can’t wait for the next book out in August! I should also make a note that this binge also kicked off an Innkeeper series binge but I loved the Hidden Legacy world the best.

My final binge series is an indie one, and its also in KU which is a bonus for me because I read them ALL in like a week…its Deborah Wildes ‘Jezebel Files’ books. Like Hidden Legacy its a PI set up in a world of magic (specifically Canada) and its a freaking blast. Not only is it hilarious, the main character is great and the love/ hate interest has ruined biscotti for me forever (read it and find out why). I’m really obsessed with Levi. It’s a problem (or is it?). I highly recommend checking it out as they are great and probably saved my sanity back in June.

Okay that’s all from me. I hope that you are all wearing your masks and staying safe. If you’re like me you’re about ready to throat punch the next person who uses the phrase ‘unprecedented times’ or tries to talk about their fucking iso-bread fixation (I didn’t bake before iso, and I’m not about to start now – please for the love of God, stop asking). So take a deep breath and remember we all hate 2020, and try and be kind to yourself and others.

Ames x

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  1. Wow! That’s really exciting about an audiobook of The Immortal City. I loved it. Do you have a say in who’s doing the narration?

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