Nico is Live!

Happy ‘Cups’ Day!

I’m so happy that this latest instalment of ‘Tarot Kings’ is out in the world. I loved Sophia and Nico SO MUCH. I’ve had another crazy chaos year and they were the perfect remedy for my frazzled brain. This book is a total romp. It’s fast paced and fun from start to finish. It was everything I wanted for a piratey adventure.

I’m currently hanging out in Venice with writer mates so I’ll be lifting my Spritz to all my Tarot Kings today. I’ve also begun writing Arkon, and there’s nothing like an unhinged sorcerer to put a spring in my step.

I hope you enjoy Nico and Sophia as much as I do, and please don’t forget to leave it a rating on the ‘Zon. It really helps readers find my books and I appreciate the hell out of it.

Ames x