Jesus drinks margaritas and other heresies

Mychal and Jael are here! And because its Spooky Season, have a picture with some skulls and an ax. It’s actually story wise, on point. It’s already live here in Australia, and I couldn’t be more thrilled because getting this book out into the world has been a damn journey.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that some books take longer than other’s to write. This book has probably taken the longest. I finished ‘Rise of the Firebird’ in May 2014 (yikes). I immediately started working on ‘The Mychal Book’ and it took me until 2018 to really nail the plot down, then it was delayed like Gandalf as the re-release of Firebird came out through my publishers. But the real delay was in the writing. I wrote Mychal by himself, I wrote Mychal getting Søren to come on his adventures… none of it was working. I was up to my eye balls in research and I still felt like I was missing something vital.

I decided to have a break and write a fun urban fantasy idea that had been kicking about my brain for ages about an exorcist living in Melbourne. It was a direct response of loving Hellblazer and Supernatural and The Exorcist but NEVER seeing a lady in charge ( this was pre Johanna Constantine in the tv adaptation of The Sandman). I was halfway through ‘Jael’s book’ when I realised… it was the same fucking book *face palm*

Mychal needed Jael to help him pull his head out of his ass. The story also really needed a female voice in it that wasn’t romantic (you know Mychal’s heart is taken already).

This story is really near and dear to my heart, probably because it was such a pain in the ass to write (don’t ask me about the logic on this). I really wanted to do right by Mychal and finally give readers the proper back story after so much teasing. I hope you all love Jael and Mychal’s adventures as they kick some demon ass, drink margaritas with Jesus (don’t come for me) and stop an apocalypse!

Did it make my mother affectionately call me a heretic after reading it? Yes. So I dedicated it to her. She actually loved it, and that is some hard work when you’re dealing with a hard core Pentecostal. This book is kind of a love it or hate it offering. There seems to be no in between, and that’s okay. For those who want more romance fun times, Of Starlight and Midnight (Aramis and Søren’s book) is going to more than make up for it.

Also, please don’t forget to leave it a rating or a review on the ‘Zon or whichever retailer you use (especially you lovely ARC people). They really do help us indie authors out, and with the garbage fire that is the publishing industry, social media and the AI thing…well, we authors need the extra love right now with word of mouth and general niceness.

I hope you enjoy it!

Ames x