We are back a.k.a learning your limits.

We have one week to go until Mychal’s story is out in the world and I’m *finally* ready with the new website. Actually, this is the second website I created. It has been a journey since we last spoke.

I’ve been humbled by my own limitations, which includes having next to zero patience with creating fucking websites. Did I say that I was going to move to Mail Chimp? Yes, I did. And everything was set up and ready to go when I learned it was going to put my home address on all my newsletters. SO. That idea was canned. I’m keeping this blog/ open newsletter and I’m weirdly relieved about it because even though I learned how to do Mail Chimp (sob) I still find using WordPress easier. I’m honestly too old and too busy to deal with something that has me tearing my hair out every time I use it.

In writing news, I’m gaining speed on Nico’s book (King of Cups) and I’m still aiming to have it out by the end of the year. It got a little delayed due to some editing that needed to be done for my Firebird Faerietales books (the ones still to come) but I’m back on deck, listening to way too much piratey music. Expect shenanigans from start to finish. No, seriously. I’m not even half way through and I’ve had attempted murder, kidnapping, a ship sinking, an escape through a bedroom window and a one bed scene. Like I said, oodles of shenanigans.

I’m also still on my Byzantine Bullshit. There is stuff starting to happen in my brain with all the research I’ve been doing and I’ve begun building a new world to play in. It feels…big. The way Magicians felt big before I started writing it. It’s a squirmy mass of facts and vibes at this point. I’ve been going through all my photos of last’s years trip I took to Turkey and trying to feel my way through it. Ah, the writers life. I can’t believe this is my full time job.

Speaking of trips I’m off to Italy next month and I can’t wait. I’m hopefully going to be writing Arkon’s book by then (King of Coins) because I first got the ideas for The Tarot Kings when I was hanging out in the Doge’s palace and I’m extra and romantic when I want to be.

I hope you are all reading and playing fun things at the moment. I’m plowing my way through ‘Fall of Ruin and Wrath’ by Jennifer Armentrout. It’s been a while since I tackled an epic fantasy, but I’m really enjoying it so far. In games, I’ve been slaying bulk monsters in Diablo 4. I’m old enough to remember fighting with my brother over Diablo 2 as a teen so it’s been really bizarre and fun to back in the dungeons. It’s absolute candy for my ADHD too the way playing Hades is. Of course, I’m hanging out for my the next installment of my beloved Assassin’s Creed out in 16 days, but who is counting. Me. I’m most definitely counting.

Back in a week with Mychal’s release!

Ames x