King of Swords Face Lift!

‘King of Swords’ has gotten a facelift! I’m gearing up to start writing this series after all of my editing is out of the way (end of November) and I wanted to kick things off by getting all new covers and branding for the series. I mean LOOK at this hotness. I swear my soul left my body when I first saw it.

Good news! It’s also going to be released soon as a paperback! I’m waiting on my final proof copy to arrive in the mail so I can give it a thorough check over and then I’ll be making it live.

Thank you everyone for your patience waiting on this world to continue. I had no idea how much my writing life would be taken up by the Firebird rewrites and editing in the past two years, and with COVID and lockdowns I really didn’t think I could do this new world the justice I wanted to. You will get them all next year, and man, are you in for a ride. They are going to be so much fun and I can’t WAIT.

If you haven’t already read King of Swords, I’ve put it on a special rebrand price of $2.99 so make sure you check it out here! I’ll also send another email when the paperback is live!