‘Wolf of the Sands’ ebook is early

Hurray! We are live! After the kerfuffle (technical term) with the paperbacks arriving early, I thought, bugger it and changed the date for the ebook release. Big, big thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered this one!

If you missed the blurb, here is:

A Viking witch touched by the gods, a magi prince from a mysterious world, a love that will shape the destiny of a kingdom.

Betrayed by her gods, Fen is sold by raiders to the mysterious People of Sand and Sky and taken to Aaru, a world of impossible beauty and cruelty. An accidental encounter with the pharaoh’s son will alter her fate, offering Fen a chance to earn her freedom in the most unexpected way.

Khan knows that change is coming to Aaru, but he never anticipated it to be in the form of a fierce witch from another world. Fen is a gift from the gods, and he will do everything he can to keep her safe.

Prince and slave strike a bargain; Khan will protect her and send her home in a year’s time, and in return, Fen will teach him about her magic and gods while pretending to be his royal concubine.

When betrayal burns Khan’s world down, neither he nor Fen can predict how their bond will change them, awakening fierce magic and a love that will impact the very fate of Aaru itself.

Wolf of the Sands is a stand-alone romance novel in a high fantasy world based on Norse, Egyptian and Mesopotamian myth. It contains plenty of action and a guaranteed HEA, but please note it does have graphic violence, swearing and sex scenes

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I hope you all enjoy this labor of love. Please don’t forget if you love it, leave it a rating or review on Amazon as it really does help us indies get our titles in front of new readers.

Happy reading!

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