Yeah I’m still alive…just.

Hey Everyone

I’m trying to finish off a bunch of work at the moment so I’m not around on social media or the blog much. I have about 100 pages left of my final edit of Rise of the Firebird (book three of The Firebird Fairytales). It’s epic – like 150k words epic- so it’s taking me a lot longer to get the way I want it. It’s the final book where everything needs to tie up and make sense (oh the spoilers I could tell you) so the editing process has been a lot more timely and intense.

I’m also studying two units of Uni this semester instead of one so I’m on the hop to get assignments completed and in.

Oh yeah and I’ve had an epiphany half way though writing the current WIP BLAISE so I’m having to go through and structurally rearrange things.

In summary, I’m busy but I’m still thinking of you.

Here is stag to make you feel better.


Ohh what a magnificent beast.

And a beautiful fairytale picture to let you know where my head is at right now.


Love Amy the Great