THE Sea of the Dead is Live!

Happy Release day everyone! The Sea of the Dead is now live in Australia and I’m sure it will start popping up on all of your devices worldwide. This book was such a labor of love and so, so happy its finally out in the wild!

It’s a weird feeling trying to celebrate a book launch going into my seven month of lockdown BUT that doesn’t mean I won’t have a delayed party once they let me out. I’ll really, really need the night out by then.

Thank you to everyone who is reading, reviewing and sharing this series. It means the absolute world to me that you guys are getting behind my mad Magicians.

ALSO, Big News…THE KING’S SEAL the third and final book in the series will be out JUNE 2021. That’s right, no waiting a full year before getting the rest of the story. I’ve just finished a round of copy edits on this one and it’s honestly the best of me.

If you haven’t already, grab a copy of ‘The Sea of the Dead’ here!

There will be more ‘The Sea of the Dead’ related interviews and content coming in the next week so keep your eyes sharp and Happy Reading!

Ames x

The Sea of the Dead Cover Reveal!

Loook at all of this beauty! Yes, that is a thunder storm over the Dead Sea in Israel and it is magnificent. I’m so proud of this book and I can’t wait for you all to read it! I’ll put the full description below BUT I wanted to list Five Things you can expect to see in the next installment of ‘The Magicians of Venice’ :
🌙 More background, stories and shenanigans about the Magicians (Zo’s previous life! Phaidros & Aelia try ‘playing nice’! Alexis and that One Time He Screamed in Existential Dread Naked in the Desert!)
🌙The Dead Sea Scrolls & morally dodgy obsessed academics.
🌙 Magicians Go Abroad & have Adventures.
🌙Unexpected Sea Monsters.
🌙Marco Dandolo & Lyca – The Team Up You Never Knew You Needed.
Here’s a full description but ❗️WARNING ❗️it does contain spoilers for Book 1:

The battle for Venice might be over, but the war is just beginning… Penelope’s and Alexis’s adventure continues in the second installment of The Magicians of Venice series. 

Penelope has accepted her role as the new Archivist for the magicians, but with war brewing with the priests of Thevetat and the tide of magic on the rise, she’s going to have to learn her way around her new and dangerous world if she has any hope of outsmarting their enemies.
When Penelope’s friend and fellow archaeologist, Tim, uncovers a scroll containing a magical secret lost in the Dead Sea for two thousand years, Penelope and Alexis must travel to Israel to find him before Abaddon and Kreios get there first.
To defeat Thevetat and his followers, they’ll need to find a weapon capable of ending him for good, and as her old life collides with her new, Penelope will pay the ultimate price to keep the secrets of the magicians safe.
🌙You can request an ARC here on NetGalley:
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I’m going to some more ‘The Sea of the Dead’ themed blogs between now and September and they will be as spoiler free as possible!

I hope you are all well and safe,

Ames x