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A quick heads up that both The Firebird Fairytales Boxset and The Western Wars Boxset will be Free on Amazon this weekend so its a perfect time to check them out and leave a review! They are also on Kindle Unlimited if you are a part of the program…Check out descriptions below x

The Firebird Fairytales is a fresh Nordic Paranormal Fantasy series that breathes new life into Ancient myth

Cry of the Firebird
Born on the crossroads between worlds Anya’s Gate Keeper magic is buried under grief and rage until one fateful night a firebird hatches on her farm who is sharing its body with the fabled Prince Yvan. With Yvan’s dark magician brother Vasilli and other powerful enemies closing in around them, Anya has no choice but to sober up, follow Yvan into Skazki and hope that she can learn how to control her awakening magic before it destroys her and any hope of keeping the gates to both world’s safe.

Ashes of the Firebird
Branded as Rogues and hunted by the supernatural world Anya and her companions flee to Budapest, a place of new allies where they will be safe. They begin the search for Yanka, Anya’s ancestor and the only person in history with enough power to change the tide of the brewing war. Her relationship with the Thanatos Trajan is made complicated when he accidently feeds off her and trouble finds them when Aleksandra saves mysterious demon hunter Mychal from an attack, bringing new monsters and threats to Anya’s door.

Rise of the Firebird
Travelling from the battlefields of Skazki to the Underworld of Tuonela, Anya and her companions encounter the vicious dark goddess Louhi and gain two magician’s, the mad hero Kullervo and Eldon Blaise – apprentice of Merlin himself. As devastating secrets of history and the heart are revealed, Anya must fight the darkness within her and rise up to be a symbol for the Neutral rebel army that rallies under the banner of the firebird. Ready to restore the balance at any price, the final battle of the three armies will shape the worlds forever.

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 The Western Wars is an epic fantasy series with loads of adventure, magic and romance

Eastern Gods – Book One

‘Come to me and I’ll whisper secrets that will shake the worlds. ‘

When a spy from the mysterious Eastlands is caught in his kingdom, Haldirian is sent to the only reliable scholar of the East left on the continent of Elindor. With her help, he’s determined to stop the fear of war spreading, but as the first female heir in history, highly intelligent and carrying a warrior swagger Aláenor isn’t what Haldirian has learned to expect from royal princesses. But Aláenor isn’t as confident as she appears as she’s haunted by the memory of her dead mother and plagued by a man whispering in her nightmares.

The spy claims that Mordecai, dark magician and Emperor of the East sent him to scout their kingdoms for an invasion, but it’s the threat of unknown magic that forces them to act. The West turned their back on magic hundreds of years ago, and they will have no way to stand against it if the mysterious Emperor decides to make war.

Together, Aláenor and Haldirian will journey to the other side of the world to learn the truth, but nothing is as it seems, and the East will reveal secrets to Aláenor that will shatter her world, question her loyalties, and forge her into the queen she must become.

The Golden Queen – Book Two

Scholar. Warrior. Lover. Queen.

Still recovering from her imprisonment in the Red Fortress, Aláenor travels to the northern city of Anan in search of new allies in her war against the Emperor Mordecai.

Anan has more than one surprise for Aláenor, and as she comes to terms with the magic awakening inside of her she will need Haldirian’s support to make it back to the West.

Aláenor has been raised to believe that Mordecai’s family line were traitors, but history is written by the winners and she will discover she has more in common with the enemy than she thinks.

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Free Easter Story – Gethsemane

The second story I’d like to share this month is called Gethsemane.

I’m a big fan of retellings of myths and gods and while I hate to use trigger warnings for my works this is a special case; if you think a retelling of a Judeo-Christo story is going to offend you, this is your queue to bow out. If you have strong feelings about any religion, that’s great but this is not the place for you to share them. This is a place for story telling which is what I believe in.


For those still with me this story was born out of a university assignment. I grew up with Bible Stories, and my favourites were the often obscure ones that weren’t really for ‘children’…these were the epic battles between angels and demons and pissed off prophets calling down fire. These are still my favourites to be honest and I look forward to doing retellings of them in the future.

One thing I have gotten frustrated with over the years is this constant need to redo the cruxification story. Yeshua-Jesus  to the West- did so many amazing, kick ass things in his life and yet it’s his murder that people want to keep retelling? Yes, it was horrific. Yes, it was unjust. Yes, to some it is a symbol of a covenant fulfilled. But people want to keep putting him back on the cross when it played a rather small part in his whole story. Perhaps this is why the stunning Anne Rice has had such a response to her Christ the Lord series, because it takes him down off that thing and shows him for what he was – a human.

97800994601699780099484189Whether you believe he was divine or not is irrelevant. Yeshua was a real person, there is non-Christian texts to prove it (Flavius Josephus,  Tacitus and Suetonius). He lived and breathed and taught and died. He was a guy who got up and worked the tough job of Near Eastern carpentry in a time of unrest in his country. He was a rebel of the times, one who taught love and tolerance to all races, sexes and religions. Don’t believe what the haters say. That was what he was teaching, anyone who says otherwise isn’t reading the message properly (I suggest trying here, here ,here and oh here). He was an amazing guy all things considered and yet it’s his death people want to focus on.


To me, his death isn’t even the most incredible thing about the crucifixion. Yeshua knew he was going to die and warned his followers about it on more than one occasion. On the night of his arrest he prayed that God (Elyon) would change his mind because he was afraid and didn’t want to have to do it (such a freaking human thing to do)..he prayed so hard that he sweated blood (gnarly as).

The thing that speaks the most to me is that even though he was afraid he still sucked it up and went to his death. That’s courage at its purest form. He died for what he believed in, he believed it so much he even healed the jerks that had come to kill him (I wouldn’t have been that nice).

This story is seen through the archangel Michael, a figure that I am writing a book about, who would’ve had to stand by and let it all play out. For those interested I’ve used The Tree of Life Messianic Bible as my primary source because its translation from historical texts is hardcore and being a research nut I like using the traditional names and titles of things.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter!

Find it here: Gethsemane.