Ashes of the Firebird

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00014]One more sleep til my Book Birthday!

Okay now that I got that out of my system I can tell you a little bit about the next instalment of The Firebird Fairytales. 

Second books are strange beasts. You know you’re in the middle of something but don’t quite know what and foreshadowing for the next book can be vital. In saying that I tried to have it as a separate sort of story where things happen. Some stuff gets resolved and other stuff becomes worse. There is new cities, new faces, new secrets and all sorts of monsters and good stuff.

When I was writing this beast of a book I had so many plans and ideas for how it was going to turn out…by the end of the second rewrite none of these things eventuated or were even left in which is pretty typical.  Trust me they weren’t needed. I was pretty close to setting it on fire more than once. I’m pretty sure it would have died in a blaze if it wasn’t for my partners in crime Fox and Anna hiding the vodka and matches and sharp objects.

Also this book and all of its subsequent drafts were written to Amanda Fucking Palmer’s albums. Who Killed Amanda Palmer was the soundtrack to my life at the time of the first draft, a spooky coincidence that I fed into my art and dealing with the shit going down at the time. Thank you Fox for giving me the gloriously inspirational Amanda. She’s an incredible artist who will speak wild things into your dark and dreaming heart…you can find her work here where you can download her albums for as little as a dollar. Better yet, go support her Patreon.

If Ashes had a theme song it would be this song, ‘Runs in the Family.’ 


This book, and series, deals a lot with family and with what’s inside our blood and dealing and fighting the inherited monsters and problems. It’s a theme that’s pretty prevalent in my own life. Anya’s ability to pick up strays (and in turn be adopted) is inspired by own. I never had much family around growing up so I was adopted my a whole manner of people. The concept of  “Family” has very little to do with blood at all and its reinforced in the rag tag tribe of misfits that gather about Anya and Yvan.

To keep track of the ever growing cast I have put a character list in the back of the book and kept it as spoiler free as possible. I’ve had some pretty mixed reactions from my ARC readers about this one, but don’t worry there is definitely a third book where all shall be revealed. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you listen to it with Amanda Fucking Palmer on full volume.

Free Story PDFs -My New Thing

You might have seen back in my New Years post that this year I wanted to start putting Free Stories onto the blog for you to read, share, pirate whatever.

Today I have uploaded the first free story! Hurray! Because I’m SO excited about my release of Ashes of the Firebird this coming weekend I’ve uploaded the complete first novel of The Firebird Fairytales, Cry of the Firebird for your reading pleasure. You can find it here under the Books Tab of my Menu. 

My mind is bursting with stuff to write, load and advertise before the weekend (including a proper blog for Ashes) so bear with me folks and I’ll see you on the otherside 🙂  


2015 What the hell happened?

Looking back on 2015 has kind of made me feel like this…


The really strange thing is that many people I’ve talked to, writers blogs I’ve read etc have all been saying the same thing. 2015 we are all glad to see you go and hope that 2016 will be kinder.

My 2015 in review;

*I wrote two and half novels (only one I am happy with) totalling about 210k  words. Add blogs and and assignments its probably about 250K.

* I edited over 500,000 words…lets not speak of it *sobs*

* I published two novels and all the additional work around them that you can’t fully appreciate until you are forced to do it.

* I continued to work on my degree that I still don’t know how long is going to take me to finish.

Plus a day job and a 3,000km move to a new city.

SO what’s happening in 2016 on the publishing front?

* Ashes of the Firebird (Book 2 of The Firebird Fairytales) will be out in February! Hurray! Covers and interiors will be completed in January so expect sneak peaks and a locked in release date shortly.

*Rise of the Firebird (Final book of The Firebird Fairytales) will also have a 2016 release but I will keep you posted closer to the dates.

I have been pretty tired during the last week or so of holidays just trying to catch up with my own mind and plan 2016 which will hopefully be a lot smoother thanks to the lessons learnt in 2015.

I don’t make resolutions as a rule but I do have a hope for 2016; that I won’t lose a year and have no other memories but work, that I will read some great books that will move me, that I will write some great books that will make me and that people will learn to be kinder and more tolerant than the past year of horror.

2015 I am glad you’re gone. I will not miss you.