The Exorcist and the Demon Hunter Cover Reveal

It’s finally here! Mychal’s book is going to be out in the world after a decade in the making and I feel so excited and weird about the whole thing. I tried to write this book for a really long time, and I wrote it about five different ways. I’m so happy how it turned out and that his adventure (and the lingering questions about Aleksandra) will finally be answered.

It’s probably the weirdest book I ever wrote and the most research heavy. I grew up loving anything angels, demons, and exorcists. I am still obsessed with Hellboy, Hellblazer,Preacher and the Felix Castor books. I really wanted to write a female exorcist that did exorcisms a completely different way to what had been out before and Jael is the result. It’s a lot of fun especially when she clashes with Mychal in an epic and angelic team to stop the apocalypse.

Heres a blurb:

The Exorcist and the Demon Hunter is a story of angry angels and determined demons, love and death and self-sacrifice, and follows Jael and Mychal from The Firebird Faerie Tales.

This book is a standalone novel in the Firebird Faerie Tales series and may be read independently of the other books in the series.

My name is Jael Quinlan and I’m a freelance exorcist, no matter how much the churches in Melbourne hate it. There’s a darkness growing in my city and my boss Uriel, the sternly handsome and badass Archangel of the North, is expecting me to get to the bottom of it. 

The problem is these demons are unlike any I’ve ever seen and they are all giddy about an upcoming apocalypse. On top of that, I’ve been having some crazy visions about a demon hunter on the other side of the world named Mychal. He’s frighteningly scary and has a serious depression problem.  

It turns out I’m caught up in one of those special missions from a higher power (you got to hate those) and I know I’m going to need Mychal’s and Uriel’s help in order to stop two rampaging Watcher angels and Hel’el (the big bad Devil himself) from kicking off a new apocalypse.  

I honestly don’t know what a human exorcist can do in a battle of supernatural good and evil, but all I know is finding out is going to be one hell of a ride.

You can check out the pre-order here!


Also, side note, this is a spin off book like the Aramis and Søren one that’s coming too. If angels and demons aren’t your thing, don’t worry – you can go straight to Aramis’s book. They are in the same world but aren’t linked. The only thing is that they happen after the events of ‘Rise of the Firebird.’


That’s all for ‘The Firebird Faerietales’ update, but keep an eye out for my post this weekend about ‘King of Wands’ which is live this Saturday! Yes, I know, you’re getting ALL the things this month lol. You know you love it.

Ames x