Ashes of the Firebird Cover Reveal and Pre-Order!

And here we go again! ‘Ashes of the Firebird’ is coming on 21st June! ARCS are also up for request over on NetGalley!

This is the second book in my ‘Firebird Faerietales’ series that is having its re-launch through BHC Press. Boy, did I work on this beauty last year and I couldn’t be more proud of it. If you haven’t read book one yet, jump over here and check it out.

For everyone else, here is a blurb. The pre-order is also now live everywhere. If you want more info just click here.


Filled with unforgettable characters, adventure, and mythology pulled deep from Russian and Finish folklore, this richly imaginative fantasy series by bestselling author Amy Kuivalainen dives deep into the world of magic, pitting those who would abuse it against those sworn to protect it.

Anya’s magic is keeping Russia safe but not without a price, evil is brewing on the streets of Budapest, and new enemies are coming for her.

With her mind broken from the last battle with the dark magician Ladislav, Anya is trapped in the Land of Dreams and is fighting like hell to get back to her body.

Branded as Rogues and hunted by the supernatural world, Anya’s friends take her unconscious body to Budapest, a place of new allies where they will be safe. They begin their search for Yanka, Anya’s ancestor and the only person in history with enough power to change the tide of the brewing war.

Trouble finds them when Aleksandra saves mysterious demon hunter Mychal from an attack, bringing new monsters and threats to Anya’s door.


Get more info and pre-order here.