‘Cry of the Firebird’ is LIVE!

Happy Launch Day Everyone!

I am so excited that this book is finally out in the world again! If you want to hear all about the Firebird world, please jump onto ‘Queens, Quests and Tropes’ and listen to this weeks episode. Molly, Alyssa and I do a deep dive into what you can expect from the series and ALL the spin offs.

You can grab a copy of ‘Cry of the Firebird’ here, and please don’t forget to leave a rating or a review on your fave sites to help other readers find it.

Here is a blurb for anyone who wants it:

Filled with magic, adventure, and mythology pulled deep from Russian and Finish folklore, Cry of the Firebird is a dark fantasy that dives deep into the world of magic, pitting those who would abuse it against those sworn to protect it.

A firebird is reborn on the borders of Russia, a gate to a world of monsters and magic is breaking, and only a reluctant, untrained shaman stands in the way of a flood of supernatural darkness…

Anya is still reeling from the death of her grandfather when a strange encounter with the Finnish God of the Dead changes her life forever: Her family has been guarding the gates to the Russian otherworld on their farm for centuries, and she’s the new gatekeeper. Worse, if she doesn’t awaken her magical abilities and assume her new role, the gate will break, unleashing a flood of monsters and dark gods into their world.

As Anya struggles to make sense of her changing world, she can’t deny the strange encounters. She’ll need to accept her fate and work with the legendary firebird if she hopes to survive—and protect humanity.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Ames x