Confession…I’m obsessed with a good madness curse. In ‘The Sea of the Dead’ a curse is placed on a jar containing a prophecy. Who ever opens it, is cursed to not only be mad but prophetic, which ensures no one will believe them anyway. It’s always fun to write mad characters too!

Seven days to go until ‘The King’s Seal’ is out in the world! Im going to be posting things pretty consistently in the next few weeks so be ready for it. It’s my favorite book I’ve ever written so I’m going to be stoked to finally talk about it!

Apart from counting down to Kings Seal, I’m currently eye balls deep in rewrites of the Firebird books. Book 2 has been submitted and I’m onto Book 3. It’s been the hardest rewrite I’ve ever had to do but I’m thrilled with how it’s all pulled together.

Back to it!