Continuing on my journey through ‘The Magicians of Venice’ and we are onto book 2!

I have a weird relationship with middle books in series’, and ‘Sea of the Dead’ is no different. It was important for me to show Penelope settling into her new life in Venice but I wanted her to have consequences for that choice. How her choices effected not only her own nature with her newly inherited magic, but how she would deal with her old life clashing with her new. I loved studying The Dead Sea Scrolls at uni so it was such a blast being able to use everything I had learned in this fun, magical world

Speaking of middle books, I’ve just finished a final proof read of the newly rewritten ‘Ashes of the Firebird’ before it heads off to my editor. It’s never not going to be a weird experience to revisit and renew a series that’s a decade old, but I still have so much fun with these characters that it makes a tough job a fun and rewarding one!

We are back in lockdown here in Melbourne which is depressing as hell, so I’ve been keeping busy working and playing too much Assassins Creed Valhalla. My demented Viking heart loves it so much!

Where ever you are in the world I hope your staying safe and sane,

Ames x