Twilight of the Immortals

I love part 2, of ‘The Immoral City.’ It was my fave bit to write in the book because Penelope finally gets the answers she’s been seeking, and of course, we step fully into the Magicians world.

The magical door of 39 Calle Dei Cerchieri came to me out of my deep love of hidden gateways, doorways, magical wardrobes and ward stones. If you’ve read my books you’ll know it’s one of my weaknesses that I can’t help revisiting.

I loved the idea of a palazzo that has had so much magic imbued into its structure that it’s become sentient. The doorway is guarded by the house itself, and it won’t appear unless it likes you or if it’s bombarded with some heavy duty magic.

When Penelope finds her way back to where the doorway opens to the world, I really wanted her to have to fight her own disbelief before the palazzo let’s her in. After that it’s definitely her ally, and who wouldn’t want to be friends with a magical house!

Ames x