The King’s Seal Cover Reveal

Look at this magnificence! I’m so in love with it! I have adored all the covers done for this series but this is definitely my favorite. I can’t wait until you all get a chance to read this book.

Description (Warning may contain spoilers)

The concluding chapter of The Magicians of Venice is a treasure hunt through time, drawing on figures of magic and history as Penelope hunts for a lost relic capable of defeating the demon Thevetat and his followers.  

The search for the legendary seal ring of Solomon has begun, and Penelope must sift through its long and convoluted history, from lost emperors to crusaders, court magicians, Renaissance alchemists and popes, if she has any hope of finding it.

As Penelope’s magic continues to grow with the magical high tide, she and Alexis will rely on each other more than ever to keep those they care about safe from the ongoing assault by the priests of Thevetat.  

With the tide of magic finally at its peak, the final battle against Thevetat will begin and no one will be the same once it is over.

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One thought on “The King’s Seal Cover Reveal

  1. It’s beautiful, Amy. I’ve loved the Magicians of Venice books and can’t wait to see how you finish the trilogy off. Although I don’t want their adventures to end. *sniff*

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