On Day-Jobs and Starving Artists

On Day-Jobs And Starving Artists

Re-blogging this one from Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds blog because holy shit snacks is it relevant. Even with physical books to wave at people, I still get the pitying looks from people who love to say things like, “You still work full time? Aren’t you published? Does that mean you’re not any good at it?” Which as you can imagine, will either earn you a short reply or a throat punch depending on my mood. I’ve written and worked full time since I was eighteen because I can’t write well when I’m stressed about things like rent and food and adequate chewy things for my dog. Starving artist myth is destructive and bullshit, but Chuck says it better than I can:

“…beware the privileged advice that demands a kind of sacrifice on your part in service to your art — especially if that comes with any dose of shame or judgment about what constitutes a real artist, a real writer, a true visionary.”