BHC Press to Publish Amy Kuivalainen’s Magicians of Venice Series

Resharing the good news for all my blog followers out there! Expect a proper update in the next few days…there is so much good stuff going on!

Amy_KuivalainenAmy Kuivalainen’s upcoming Magicians of Venice series is a fresh and exciting new series blending elements of fantasy, mystery, and romance that are as dangerous and seductive as the beautiful city of Venice herself.

The series opens with The Immortal City, where we are introduced to Dr. Penelope Bryne, an archaeologist who is ridiculed by the academic community in her quest to find the lost remnants of Atlantis. When an  ancient and mysterious script is discovered at a murder site with links to the lost city, she flies to Venice, determined to help the police before the killer strikes again where she meets the enigmatic Alexis Donato, who challenges everything she believes about the unexplainable and magical history of Atlantis. As Alexis draws her into the darkly, seductive world of magic and history, Penelope will have to use her heart as well as her head if she is to…

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I am a Finnish Australian writer that is obsessed with magical wardrobes, doors, auroras and burial mounds that might offer me a way into another realm. Until then, I will write about fairytales, monsters, magic and mythology because that’s the next best thing.