‘Rise of The Firebird’ ARCS and Updates

It’s been a hot minute since I posted so I have lots of updates this week! First up, ‘Rise of the Firebird’ is now on preorder for March! If you are an ARC reader, it is also available to request over here at Netgalley.

Yes, Anya’s journey is coming to a close but don’t worry, there’s still tons of adventures lined up in this world. I’m getting the question pretty often about what’s happening next so here it is:

3. Rise of the Firebird (last chapter of Anya)

4. The Exorcist and the Demon Hunter (Mychal)

5. Of Starlight and Midnight (Aramis and Søren)

THE BLOOD LAKE CHRONICLES (this is a re-release trilogy in the same Firebird Universe. It deals with the fae and Arthurian myth).

In other news, I have come back from holiday to Istanbul and Greece and feeling a lot better and refreshed. I’ve just finished off some editing on ‘Of Starlight and Midnight’, and hopefully this will close of my year of editing. It’s been a bit crazy but it feels good to have it all done.

Next up, I’m writing Tarot Kings with ‘King of Wands.’ I am so excited to be finally heading back into this world and to the always lovely Venice. I have seen the new covers for the next three books and I can’t WAIT to start sharing them with you in the next few months. It’s going to be such a fun ride.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with another update, and news about some exciting things I have in the works.

Ames 🙂