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It’s finally happening! I am finishing off ‘Sorcerers and Saints’ a standalone, based here in my beautiful city of Melbourne. For those that are new around here, I have been trying to write and finish this book for about seven years now. I wrote half of it right before the pandemic hit in 2020, and after that the world imploded, I started on the Firebird Faerietales rewrites and edits and this book got shelved again indefinitely.

Over Christmas I finished off round two of my structural edits, and I was really in need of something a bit lighter to work on, and I’ve picked up ‘Sorcerers and Saints’ again. Maybe it’s all about timing because I’m feeling really good about the story and how it’s coming together.

But what about ‘Tarot Kings’? Never fear. ‘Tarot Kings’ is happening this year as well. Even though I will have another two books to edit for 2023 releases, I won’t be doing extensive rewrites. This is going to free me up to get the rest of the ‘Tarot Kings’ done. Last year I was just too busy with what was already on my plate, and being lockdown for most of the year didn’t help either. Don’t worry. Zahir is on his way. I really needed a palette cleanser after Firebird though, and ‘Sorcerers and Saints’ is providing that and getting me into the right head space to write ‘Tarot Kings’ again.

SO…here is a blurb so you all know what you’re in for with S & S and I hope to have it out in the world by Easter. And keep an eye out because I also plan on sharing some sneak peek chapters in the coming weeks!


Melbourne’s magic is broken, and it’s going to take a cursed saint, a surly sorcerer, and a hell of a miracle to fix. 

Born into a family of cursed saints, Mara Corvo has never met a heart ache she couldn’t heal. The price she pays for such a gift is that no one can remember her afterward…except for a drunk sorcerer that should never have been able to find her tea shop to begin with. 

Augustus Vance has lived with his failure for over a century. In his effort to stop a rogue sorcerer, he killed the woman he loved, and left a hole in Melbourne’s magic that he’s never been able to fix. When a chance encounter accidentally lands him in Mara’s store, he has his first dangerous dose of hope in decades.   

If the women of the Corvo family have one golden rule, it’s to stay the hell away from sorcerers, and yet there’s a wild, dangerous magic in play that keeps bringing Augustus to Mara’s door. 

Only together can they heal the hole in magic, and maybe with a big enough miracle, they might even be able to heal each other. 

‘Sorcerers and Saints’ is a new fantasy romance for readers who loved ‘The Night Circus,’ ‘Chocolat,’ and ‘The Invisible Life of Addie Larue.’  

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