King’s Seal is Live!

I seem to have a bit of a technical malfunction and my scheduled posts didn’t go live for me! Argh! Has to be something right?

King’s Seal IS out in the world and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been such a long journey from start to finish and I’m a little emotional now that it’s over. I am really happy that people can read the complete journey and aren’t waiting for any more installments.

Next up of course is the re-launch of ‘Cry of the Firebird’ in October! I have been slogging away the last few months on getting books 2 and 3 all rewritten and ready for their structural edits. Talk about another long journey. It’s been a crazy amount of work but I am really happy and proud how it’s pulled together.

I’m hoping to get some time off in July because this little writer is WRECKED. It’s been such a full on year and I’m burned out. I’m really looking forward to crashing out and spending some quality time with with To Be Read pile. It’s been suffering since I’ve been doing the rewrites because I literally have no energy left to read at the end of the day. On my list is Maggie Steifvater’s ‘ Mr Impossible’ straight up. I love Maggie, and I think it will be the perfect start to refill my well. I have a stack of paranormal romance to continue on with as well as a trip into the JSTOR rabbit hole one last time before I start working on ‘King of Wands.’ Thank you every one who has been messaging me about Tarot Kings love, and how excited they are for the series to continue! It’s such a passion project for me so I’m so happy you are loving it as much as I do!

Anyway that’s all I got today, I have to go and finish my final read of ‘Rise of the Firebird’ and then I can collapse.

Ames x

Sons of Light

The quote that started it all..I couldnt have it in the book itself because of copywrite but when I saw this while studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, it was like a bell going off on in my head. It was a few years before I finally got to writing the Magicians, but I never forgot it.

Only a few days to go!



Confession…I’m obsessed with a good madness curse. In ‘The Sea of the Dead’ a curse is placed on a jar containing a prophecy. Who ever opens it, is cursed to not only be mad but prophetic, which ensures no one will believe them anyway. It’s always fun to write mad characters too!

Seven days to go until ‘The King’s Seal’ is out in the world! Im going to be posting things pretty consistently in the next few weeks so be ready for it. It’s my favorite book I’ve ever written so I’m going to be stoked to finally talk about it!

Apart from counting down to Kings Seal, I’m currently eye balls deep in rewrites of the Firebird books. Book 2 has been submitted and I’m onto Book 3. It’s been the hardest rewrite I’ve ever had to do but I’m thrilled with how it’s all pulled together.

Back to it!



Part 2 of ‘The Sea of the Dead’ is probably my fave in whole book. I loved the idea of a child raised by immortal Magicians, and what that person would be like as an adult. Elazar is one of my fave characters in the whole series, and I can’t for you to see what mischief he gets into in ‘The Kings Seal’….only 14 days to go!


Continuing on my journey through ‘The Magicians of Venice’ and we are onto book 2!

I have a weird relationship with middle books in series’, and ‘Sea of the Dead’ is no different. It was important for me to show Penelope settling into her new life in Venice but I wanted her to have consequences for that choice. How her choices effected not only her own nature with her newly inherited magic, but how she would deal with her old life clashing with her new. I loved studying The Dead Sea Scrolls at uni so it was such a blast being able to use everything I had learned in this fun, magical world

Speaking of middle books, I’ve just finished a final proof read of the newly rewritten ‘Ashes of the Firebird’ before it heads off to my editor. It’s never not going to be a weird experience to revisit and renew a series that’s a decade old, but I still have so much fun with these characters that it makes a tough job a fun and rewarding one!

We are back in lockdown here in Melbourne which is depressing as hell, so I’ve been keeping busy working and playing too much Assassins Creed Valhalla. My demented Viking heart loves it so much!

Where ever you are in the world I hope your staying safe and sane,

Ames x